Anyone attending Mount Carmel Second Degree Program?


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Oh yeah, I forgot--check out Capital too! They have a 20 month program that was my backup plan if I didn't get into SDAP.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Your message was really encouraging!


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TEXT BOOKS........

Hi guys. Sorry this is off topic. I graduated from the 2010 class (Second degree accelerated program) SDAP III. I have most of my text books for sell. For those of u who have been accepted into the program, you can PM me if you need any books. Thanks alot!


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I graduated in the 4 year regular program & that was intense in itself. You must stay focused & take advantage of the learning opportunities. One thing about Mt. Carmel is that you are not a # & the teachers really take pride in what they do. I don't know too many schools where you can walk past the deans office & wave hi & they call you in the office 2 ask how things are going. I applied for the advanced placement program (not second degree, two different programs) but didn't get in b/c my gpa was low with my first degree. I finished Mt. Carmels traditional program with over a 3.0 gpa while having three children & working. Kudos to those those who succeed in the 2nd degree program you must be strong to survive. I like Mt. Carmel so much I'm applying for the Masters program


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I know that MCCN is starting SDAP V, but I was wondering if you sstill have any of these textbooks?


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Can anyone tell me what a typical day is like for the Second Degree program? Is it 5 days a week 8-5pm? Are there breaks in between semesters and if so is shorter breaks or normal breaks? Also, I see the cost is up around $33K. I maxed out my federal loans on my first degree. Any idea on ways to get some extra money to help pay for it? A lot of questions, I know. Thanks for your responses!:nurse:

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