Anyone have arthiritis?

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I am having a problem with my ankle where sometimes it hurts severely and radiates pain thru out my foot, heel and sometimes up part of my leg. I am thinking it might be arthritis because it just started in December and the first time it happened I was getting out of bed and felt like I sprained my ankle (which I didn't) and it didn't hurt when I went to bed the night before. The pain went away and returned this week. The pain gets so intense and feels like I did sprain my ankle. It usually bothers me at the end of the day and when I take ibuprofin, after awhile it gets better.

I am going to go see my doctor, but was just curious if anyone has anything similar.

I am worried that if that is what it is, I won't be able to go on to nursing since you are on your feel quite a bit. I also have a weight problem and plan to try to get the weight off and hope that will make it not so bad.



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I have arthiritis in my rt. knee.. I went to the dr. and got put on Celebrex, and it works wonders.. :)


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Well I can relate to your ankle pain......only the pain I have is in my knees & shoulder. My problem is that I can't take any arthritis meds because they bother my stomach. So I had to go the herbal route with Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Evening Primrose. :zzzzz

You are already on the right track by going to get treatment. Take care of that ankle and keep the faith. You will be fine! ;)

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