Anyone applying to Xavier U for the MIDAS program for Fall 2011?

U.S.A. Ohio


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I am a student from the NY metro area who is applying to the MIDAS program at Xavier. I did a search of the program on the site and did not get much.

So is anyone else on here applying?

Any reason why you decided on the most expensive program in the state? They are cheaper programs that cost less in Ohio...

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Sorry I took so long to get back at your question.The price is comparison to NYS price is very cheap. So when I calculated the amount I was a bit surprised on how much cheaper it is than NY.

I am applying to other similar programs in Ohio.

I applied to Xavier too for fall 2011 and I can't seem to find much about the program either...

Just call the school and have a chat with someone who works within the program. Or even better, call and make an appointment to stop in and speak with someone in person. The program and the faculty are excellent!


Has anyone heard from Xavier on Fall 2011 admissions? I applied and received an email at the beginning of January that the committee would meet that month, but haven't heard anything since!



I have been into the 2011 Fall program. I have been researching and talking to the people there for quite some time now so Im pretty knowledgeable of the program, process and what not. Email me if you have some questions. Good luck to all of you.

Found this doing a google search about the Midas program. I am also curious about the program. Does anyone have any experience with the program?

If someone has completed this program, could you please share your thoughts on it? :) I can't find a lot of posts on this forum, so I haven't read a lot of opinions about this school's program.

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