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Anyone applied to Winston Salem State University for 2015?

Hey, I know some of us may be waiting on decision letters from NP programs :). Has anyone applied to WSSU program for a Fall 2015??? The wait begins:)

Hi, I have applied to WSSU for the FNP fall 2015 as well. I completed my BSN at WSSU Dec. 1st, 2014. I was told that decision letters would go out mid-April but I havent seen anything as of yet. I have a coworker that applied to Gardner-Webb and she has already had an telephone interview saying that she was recommended for the FNP there. When you hear something from WSSU, please let me know!!

Hi:) Im soo glad you responded!! Yes I was also told mid April. Ive been checking my email like crazy! Lol

Hey Imintz. Just wanted to see if you have heard anything from WSSU:)

Hey Enramsey, Im so sad!! I was put on the waitinglist at WSSU for the FNP program 2015. I hope you got in!! Let me know.

Has anyone been put on the waiting list at WSSU for the FNP program for Fall 2015?

Hey:), mine says decision made and to contact the admissions office. I so don't know what that means lol. Did yours say specifically waitlist on the decision line?

I'm wondering why it said to contact admissions.. But I'm thankful that it didn't say deferred. I will definitely update you when I call on Monday morning.

Wait listed. Thank God not rejected though:)

Hi, I have applied to WSSU as well, I haven't heard anything, I am wondering did you recieve an email or a letter. I applied to South University as well I start May 21st, they emailed me my acceptance letter. Although I am excited about starting SU because its all online, I am still hopeful for WSSU because I am familiar with thier policies. Thanks in advance

Hey. I didn't receive a letter either but I knew decisions were made because I checked online. So I called to let her know I didn't receive a letter and she emailed it to me that same day. Then received the letter in the mail two days lager. I am on the waitlist.

I also spoke to South University also.. Still deciding on them. Do you think they have a good program?

Hey, thanks for the quick response! South University FNP program is fairly new, so far on this site I have heard a lot of positive things as well as on thier Facebook group page, I just completed my orientation class online so far so good.

I had a friend that was placed on the WSSU wait list last year, they sent her a letter a week before classes began and informed her she was in, she had to rush to get everything completed it was a hassle but so far so good she managed to hang in there, Good Luck to you, I will call them also.


Where in NC are you ? I am starting SU also but in the August class. How do you like it? Any suggestions?

Hey ladies, just wanted to let you know I was accepted into the WSSU FNP program and the UNCC program, still deciding, but leaning toward UNCC (though it will be a long drive 2x/week for me!) So there may be a spot open soon! Do they tell you where on the wait list you are? (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) told me 50+ were accepted, but that included the BSN-DNP folks also.

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Hey:) thanks for responding. No they didn't tell me where I was at on the list. I wish I knew lol.. What is the deadline for you to let them know if you accept or not?

They said to reply within 2 weeks, so I went ahead and accepted. Probably in the next week I will let them know and unaccept. I bet there will be others that have accepted but change their mind. I also applied to UNCW (online program) but they never got my transcripts so they didn't even look at my app :(

Oh ok:) Congrats!!!! Bet you will be an amazing NP!!!

@RNinLBG Hi, I am in Fayetteville, I started May 21, I enjoy it, you have to stay on top of everything if you slip up you will fall behind, it's busy work but manageable and 3-5 pg paper is due each week however the topics aren't that Bad I am almost done with my first class which is hard to believe, its a fast pace program, I just hope they all go that fast.. no hangs ups so far though..

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