Anyone applied for Fall 2014?

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Hi everyone!

I applied for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 ADN program and am nervously awaiting news. I've noticed my school isn't well represented here, so, I've decided to get some support

from other future RN's. has anyone else applied to Fall 2014? My school only accepts applications once per year for the following 2 semesters (this is the first time they are doing that). They said we should hear back "sometime in June". I have a 3.86 gpa in my preteq's and an 86.4% on my Teas V exam- I'm hopeful! Nail biting! Have others heard back yet? What is everyone doing to prepare for our upcoming journey through nursing school?

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I have. I have a 4.0 in the classes they look at and a 78% on the Teas. We will find out at the end of May. Can't wait.

The waiting can feel brutal at times. how many schools did you apply to, ADN/BSN/both?

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I also applied for Fall! I applied to 4 schools. I have heard back from 3. Now I am waiting to hear back from my current school before I make a decision. They don't send out letters until April 30. The wait has been torture!!

I feel as though I'm in a perpetual waiting room of school acceptances. I got in to two schools, however neither of them are my first choice (one doesn't even start until Spring 2015 since they are on a rolling admissions model!). So I am currently waiting to hear back from my #1 school that I was wait listed to last semester. I am a non-trad student, well rounded great GPA and TEAS - what is boils down to for this last school is how competitive the applicant pool is. I just need to be in the top 80 to get in! *crosses fingers!*

Congrats on getting into two schools, even though they aren't your top choices. I completely understand the craziness of not starting until Spring 2015, if I get selected at my school it will be for either Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 (they are going to randomly split the accepted applicants). I'm still nail biting, I hope it works out for us all!

Finger's crossed for you meeep! These days/weeks/months of waiting feel like years...

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They definitely do! Even though I have already been accepted to 3 other schools, I'm dying to know if I got in to the last one so I can make a completely informed decision.

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