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Hi everyone, I could use some help. I have applied to the J. everett light LPN program in Indiana for Jan.2011. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of teas scores they accept, I have already taken it twice and cannot retake again. I was wondering if I dont get accepted what would be the best thing to do while waiting to apply again. I am worried because of student loans, I withdrew from a program to enter nursing so I have to get back in school before April 2011!! I hope they accept me and I should know soon, but I need a back-up plan to continue school, and I want to stay with LPN because it's what I really want. This school doesn't require any pre-req's either just your teas score, which mine wasn't great but it was passing. Please any help or advice.:confused:

Does anyone know how long the application process takes at J. Everett Light? I passed the TEAS and submitted all of my information. They said that the director would contact me for an interview but how long is the wait? I wonder if I should have taken the TEAS again to score higher? (The program starts in January). Any JEL students or graduates out there? Thanks in advance for your help...

Hi, I dont remeber how long it took to get to the interview but I wouldn't worry, I had to take the TEAS twice and still got in, plus they need at least 40 students per class. I'm in second semester and I can tell you it's not an easy program. We started with 32 and we are down to 11 students and still a semester to go. So be prepared to work your but off! And good Luck! I'll be seeing you there!

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Thanks nicoleray! Congratulations on staying with the program. I wish someone could tell me if my score was too low and I should re-take the TEAS. It was passing...English sections were high (98 and 100), science was avg, math was low bc I ran out of time and left some unanswered. I hope to hear from them in the next week but they don't even give you a timeline. I was told that the first semester is the 'weeding out' period but sounds like that continues throughout the program. Are you driving very far for clinicals? I have heard that the program is strong and they have great placement. I have been in several hospitals lately because of my parents and both ER nurses were LPN grads from JEL as was a surgical nurse who went on to RN. Good luck to you and hang in there...you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Hi again- I received my official acceptance into the January program. I am so excited but also nervous. It sounds like this is an EXTREMELY challenging accelerated program. Are you in a study group? Was 1st semester harder than 2nd? What is a typical day for you right now? I have 2 kids and am trying to plan ahead as much as possible. Where do you do your clinicals? I am new to the site so I hope I am not asking anything that is not allowed...just super curious and excited. Thanks

Hi! I'm trying to get into the Jan 2013 class. Can you guys tell me a little more about the your experience and where the clinical"s are? I know some are at St. Vincent and Hooverwood. Also what books are you using? Are they the same as Ivy Techs? Thanks.

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