Anyone accepted at UIC for BSN program, Fall 2009



Is there anyone who has been accepted for the BSN program(Fall 2009) at UIC?? I have been accepted at the UIC (HURRAY!!), and I wanna make friends before I go to the University!!

I also have questions. I have already mailed my enrollment confirmation form and $100 money to the UIC...And the University has to receive these materials by april 28. But I doubt that mine will not reach to UIC on April 28, since I had opened my yahoo email a week after I actually got the acceptance email, and I also don't live in CHicago....WIll they reject me for the delay??

ALso, WHat are the next steps to fulfill, or lets say to register classes and other.



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OMG Congrats!! This actually my first choice school and I will be applying in 2010...this is a REALLY competitive school to get into and you must be ecstatic!!

What is your GPA like...did you have all pre requisites completed before you applied...Congrats again :D


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THanks RN 2BE

Hmm I was so so scared that I had filled the application at other two universities lol

My GPA is 4.0, and ya when i had sent my application, I was done with most of the science and chemistry classes , so I was left with mostly humanities classes..

Good luk

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I just got accepted to UIC for the fall...this morning!! I got off the waitlist...and so did the person after me. Thank you to whoever cancelled on Friday in order for me to get my spot. I will be forever grateful. I am so excited!!

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