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Anyone accepted into Excelsior by 50% Clinical Experience Rule???

by larrysgirl larrysgirl (New) New

hi all~

anyone out there accepted into excelsior college by the 50% clinical experience rule? i spoke with a rep and she told me to send my transcripts along with the class syllabus. she said it could take up to 6 weeks for the complete review. i completed 2 out of 5 semesters, i wonder if that enough. this excelsior is my only option towards completing my goal of becoming a rn.

kessa :confused:

I was in semester 7 of 8, when I had to drop and that got me into Excelsior the first time around. The second time I got into Excelsior I also had an LVN license.

I did but I had completed everything except for 1 class of a BSN. :madface: It might be tight for you. As an estimate, count all of the required clinical courses required for the program you were in and then add up the clinical courses you have completed. Did you complete 50%?