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Anyone accepted to the evening classes at Joliet Junior College?

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Hello everyone! I was accepted into the evening program for fall 2015. Anyone on the same boat?

I chose evenings because I already work night shift at my hospital... I used to work days for a few years and I don't think I will ever go back - at least not anytime soon!

Let me know if you are evenings =)

good luck everyone!

I am accepted into the evening program at JJC.

Oh, cool! Are you excited ?

I am thrilled , but I know this will be very challenging !

Yeah. I hear ya. I'm happy but sad at the same time bc 3 of my friends didn't get in and it's always a bit scarier going in solo lol plus I'm a cna on day shift so I'm nervous about scheduling. But I saw on another thread that classes don't start til 4. Hopefully all will run smoothly! It'll be hard, but nothing worth value comes easily, so let's get r done lol

Yeah , I work at a pct but on night shifts , that's why I chose the evening classes , and yeah, it will be hard lol but we will meet people and everybody will be learning together ! I'm sorry to hear about your friends though, I know how it is , it's hard to get in!