Anybody work as a unit sec'y while in school?

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Hi, all!

I've been offered a part-time position as an ICU unit secretary; it's very part-time, just two 8 or 12 hour shifts every other weekend. Though to get oriented, I'll be working virtually full time for a week or so in August. I'm also starting my ADN program on 9/2. The pay is good --I have a lot of administrative experience and was a transciptionist for 10+ years, so they are starting me off at the top of the pay scale :) and the # of hours should not impact my studies (or family) too much, which will be great.

I am interested in critical care nursing, so I figured it would be a nice window onto life on the ICU. I'm hoping this'll be a foot in the door, and that perhaps once I have a semester or two under my belt, I can get some nurse extern hours on the unit as well.

Just curious, is anybody else working as a unit sec'y/coordinator? How well does it fit in with your studies? Are you learning things that'll help you once you have your RN?


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I worked as a unit secretary while in school-found it VERY helpful. Got used to reading orders, how charts go together, learned all the paperwork. I feel it was extremely valuable experience. Also knew where all the supplies were, since I had to order them! Did my first year out of school on the same unit, and it really helped to already know the staff, the docs, and the routine. I did 2-3 eight hour shifts a week on PM's., picked up extra hours as I could.


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Judith I am glad that you posted this thread. Sorry I don't have any personal advice because I am not in nursing school yet and am not working as a unit secretary but I do hope to while in nursing school. I also am interested in critical care. I was told by my friend who is a nurse that being a unit secretary was, like oldgirl said, very useful because you not only get experience in the hospital setting but you get used to all the paperwork and stuff like that.

It sounds like a good idea to me and I say go for it !! :)

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