Anybody Take a Research Class?

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I'm taking a research class this semester at Clemson University. I'm looking for anybody else that has had one and what the class was like. Any information regarding what you did, how the class was set up, thinkgs you like or hated about it, or anything else you can think of would be great. Thanks.


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I thought my class was interesting. We touched on the main concepts of stats, but not nearly enough to count towards admission to graduate school. I now have to take a stats class.


But basically, we learned the theories about studies, and how to look at them and decipher the statistic and if the study was valid. Very good course.


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Nursing Research was fun. We had an assignment where we had to conduct our own research and present it for the class. Most assignments we had to read research articles and answer alot of questions about it(breaking it apart by sections etc.) we also had to tell how the article could help our nursing practice. Good luck! You either love it or hate it!!!

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