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I was contacted by our local FBI office and was interviewed about a incident that happened at the prison that I worked at two years ago. Thank god for my notes because even with the vidio I didn't remember this situation. Has any body been through this before? I no longer work in corrections although I do miss it. I sure could use some feedback on this. Thanks


Yes I have and Attorney generals and district attorneys,etc,etc. About 3 years ago They tried to come to my house to interveiw me but I wouldnt talk to them.So they supeoned me in front of thr federal grand jury. This went on for a long time and made national news on the officers that were indicted. And beleive me it was pure bull----. The officers were found not guilty when it went to trial but really screwwd their lives up. As the MTA I was there when the inmate was shot so I got pulled into it. Any advice I can give you is dont take their BS. I was professional but Im not going to let them threaten me. And remember if nothing wrong happened it will come out in the end.But yes inmates have more rights than you and me and beleive me it appears to only be getting alot worse and will continue to do so until the public opens their eyes and see's what is happening.My parents can hardly afford medical care and the inmates get everything they want on the taxpayers expense. Sorry I didnt mean to ramble on but right now we are seeing alot of bs also. good luck!

I was called as a witness about seven years after caring for the patient on a busy surgical unit. I could not remember or recognize the patient so had to just read my charting.(Makes one pay attention to their charting)

Did not even recognize the patient.

It is OK to say,"I don't remember".

Having worked in Corrections 12yrs. I was called often to testify for the State. But only once for myself directly. A valuable lesson learned...Document! Document! Document! Even after reading my own notes, I had no recall of the incident. The answer that I gave most often was "I have no recall" and when necesary I added, "if that's what I charted, that's what happened". These 2 phrases were given to me directly by the State'Attorneys. Told me not to guess at what I would have done, just admit to no recall. The wild part of this case...On the way home, the entire incident came back to me; with even more details than was brought up in the trial. Either way..We won the lawsuit! Remember that the inmate is the one that has to prove wrong doing and this is were your charting saves you. Good Luck! Have other pointers I will gladly share, feel free to e-mail me.

I went to court for an Inmate who was charged with battery on a correctional officer. I was scared and only answered "not to my recollection" for most of it. We all won in the long run. It seems the inmate got more time for that than the original charge.

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