Anybody do the Nursing Loan Repayment program?


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I'm thinking of applying for the HRSA Nursing Education Loan Repayment program. I'm kicking myself for not applying two years earlier!!

Just wondering if anyone has received this award. How do I know if my current hospital qualifies as a critical shortage facility? I'm planning on switching jobs in the future--do most hospitals qualify as critical shortage facilities? Just looking for any insider information I can get about this program.

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I am in their scholarship program that pays for my nursing school currently, and i have to work in an underserved area when I graduate this may 08, for three years, as payback. Great scholarship.

As for the loan repayment, I told my friends about it, becuase it appears they pay 60% of your loans!! As for if your hospital is underserved, you have to look around the website you have, or search on that question. I believe they call the low/underserved hospitals/VA etc "MUP" and they rate on a scale from 0 to 100. I think if you look under most frequently asked questions, a link will direct you to what hospitals are underserved and how much so. **Oh, I also think the hospital has to be non profit in order to qualify for this program** double check, though.

Hope this helps- great scholarship and loan program though!

And onlyl certain times to apply. Good luck

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