Anybody had Hybrid nursing program?


Hi, I just had orientation yesterday. The college l'm attending has decided to implement a hybrid nursing program where the majority of our coursework will be online. We will meet for lecture on Tuesdays to discuss the homework assigned the week prior. We are the guinea pigs for this program and it makes me nervous. Our first two weeks will consist of skills training 4 days per week 5 hours per day, then subsequent weeks we will meet on Tuesdays, alternating with clinicals the following week. This sounds bizarre but the college insists other colleges do this successfully. So, has anybody had this type of a program? How was it? I have never taken an online class so it's all perplexing. Help?

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I am in a hybrid program. We meet twice a week for lecture and have some off days where our work is online. We do all of our classwork for three months and have to pass the block before we move on to clinicals. I passed block 3 classroom and started clinicals a few weeks ago. We do clinical twice a week from 4-11pm. until the begining of Dec and then have a short break until block 4 in Jan.

We do all of our testing on campus at the High Tech Center, all on computer. Most all of our assignments are turned in via computer as well. Overall i enjoy it and think it is a good program. If your college has been doing "traditional" programs they just have to make some adaptations to go hybrid, may be a few bumps in the road. Are all of your instructors new or just moving over to the new program?


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Thanks for the response. One of our instructors is brand new. She'll be my clinicals instructor. We will have clinicals two weeks into our first term. We will start with a two day per week (every other week) rotation for the first term, then go to 3 days per week.. (every other week). I have beginners' jitters. I expect it to be grueling, but it's a bit unnerving that we're in a trial program. We will be expected to perform at the same level as the students who've had the benefit of a tried and true method, and while I understand that we must excel, it'd be nice if they gave some consideration to the kinks that will surface in their brand new curriculum and methods. Waah. I sound like a baby. I feel better now. :)

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