Any week-long travel assignments?


With the influx of opportunities in travel nursing, I was curious to see if there has also been an increasing need for more variety in assignment lengths to be able to fulfill the ever-changing scheduling nightmare many of us professional parents encounter.

I have custody of my children every other week, requiring me to maintain a residence in their school district so they can maintain educational continuity, but for the weeks I don't have them, I would love to be able to pick up and go to a variety of locations to work for that week, but it seems like most travel assignments are still at least 8 weeks if not the standard 13-week.

Anyone know of 1-week long opportunities or a company that is very flexible in helping traveling nurses find their dream jobs?



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I've never come across a one week travel assignment. Usually the first week of your assignment is for orientation so one week would be too short. I just applied with FastStaff and they have 4, 8 and 13 week assignments. Currently I work with FlexCare and I've done a 4, 6 and 7 week assignment. These short assignments aren't typical but if you need a short assignment your best bet might be to try FastStaff but I'm pretty sure they won't have a one week assignment.


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Okay, so I just saw someone post that Nurse Choice does 2-8 week assignments. Would 2 weeks work for you?


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I should have considered that orientation would be obviously a huge time killer - ugh, what mind-numbingly boring material.

I'm not sure the ex-husband would ever agree to changing the custody agreement to do 2-weeks on, 2-weeks off, so I am beginning to think I just might not be able to do this for a few more years yet.

I guess what I was hoping to do in a perfect traveling world for me specifically is to have a hospital be willing to have me there every other week. I could work a week, come back for a week to be a mom and work per diem at my local hospital - and then go back and work another week at the same hospital, etc.

Yeah... not a likely option. I'm sure I'm just dreaming. But oh how I wish...


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I think you will find travel nurse agencies will be quite inflexible simply because the hospitals want someone for a scheduled period of time.

That being said, most hospitals will have per diem positions where you give them your schedule and they schedule you for those days; or at least the days your schedule and their's match. Because of overtime restrictions by most hospitals they may only schedule you for 36-40 hours and not for a full 7 days in a row.

Another option is that quite a few government facilities have a 7 on 7 off schedule that might work for you. Typically these work Thur, Fri, Sat then Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, to avoid all days worked in one week and avoid overtime for 4 days.

So, you can find travel companies that have per diem positions to fill, but I would bet they don't pay as well if you found them on your own. Also there are travel companies that specialize in short contracts (usually 2-4 weeks) but I haven't seen anything shorter.

Good Luck


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You are not dreaming, you just need to find another hospital with in house per diem that can promise a schedule. Anywhere! Or maybe a couple so you can feel more like a traveler.


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Thanks everyone for your answers. I spent all last night up and reading this forum and going to a variety of mentioned sites to look into options. I may definitely be able/willing to do the 2-week cycle (Th/Fri/Sat - Sun/Mon/Tues on) - and I am also talking to some travel nursing groups that place in 2 hospitals that I could theoretically commute to for the 8-13 week assignments (if I can stomach 1.5-2 hour drive times - uff!)

I have given my name/information to a few of the recruiters listed on a travel nursing central site and let them know exactly what it is I am looking for and who knows, maybe I will be able to make my dream come true :) I'll keep everyone updated.