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Any US nurse working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia or Dubai?


I'm currently a nurse in NY. I've done some reading on nurses working internationally & I'm thinking of working in Saudi Arabia or Dubai for a year or so. Long story short, I'm very adventurous and can up & move in a whim, & I've visited a couple countries as well. I've pretty much been funding these moves or trips personally. But now, I want my nursing career, which I'm passionate about, to pay for these trips. Be able to experience different places while working as a nurse. Additionally, trying to maximize my earning potential with my nursing degree. My question is, any nurse currently working internationally with their US RN license? What is your experience, especially in Saudi Arabia or Dubai?

Having worked in Dubai, during my former military career, can I ask how you picked those two particular countries?

1. Saudi Arabia is extremely strict for women. Women under 25 can not travel to the country solo with out a family member. In fact women werent allowed to travel there solo, at all, until this past year. You will be required to wear an abaya/abeyya (long black robe) and while they say a hijab is not required, to stay out of trouble consider it mandatory as well.You will not be allowed to drive. Most restaurants, banks and other commercial entities are segregated and as an unaccompanied female you will need to use them during designated "family" hours. Art museums? You cant go. Spa? Only for men.

Finally if you are "sponsored" by a local family and staying with them, you must have the head of households permission to leave the country, even as a full US citizen.

2. Dubai while more relaxed, pretends to be just as strict at the same time. Which is its biggest problem. There are bars and nightclubs playing EDM (electronic dance music) and serving alcohol late into the night. Prostitution is rampant, in the hotels, nightclubs and walking the streets.

Its basically the financial Las Vegas of the Middle East. But if you're a westerner and piss off the wrong local they will sentence you to jail for twenty years for kissing your boyfriend in public......even though prostitutes are on the corner offering sexual services.

British ex-pats, mostly men, are the predominate Westerners you will meet in country. Mostly for the exorbitant money they can make their as consultants and for the easy access to prostitutes. Basically everyone is getting drunk, screwing and trying to stay out of jail. Like Ibiza with morality police who can jail you for life.

Have you considered maybe Morocco, Jordan or Lebanon?

Lebanon especially has a far more relaxed culture and amazing food.