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Any UK NICU nurses here?

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Hello all!

I've just found this forum, but I could have done with finding it a few weeks ago! I've just got a job in a level 3 NICU in the UK. I've not done NICU or ICU before, the closest I've come is A&E. I'm so excited about starting in NICU, it's something I've thought about a lot before, but never had the courage to go for it. Most people that I've told about the new job generally do the sharp intake of breath 'Oooohh, I couldn't do that!' etc, but I just don't feel like that at all. i know it is going to be enormously hard, many challenges, both mentally and emotionally, but I really feel that NICU is where I'm meant to be (vomit icon!)

I've read through a few of the posts, but some of the termonology and acronyms go over my head - is there a thread somewhere with a list of these on?

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Hi just a quick one cos I'm in work but here's a link to our parents information site:

Frequently Asked Questions

if you look through the letters on the left that covers some of the more basic stuff.

Here is a link to the 'grown up' stuff! If you click Neonatal library on the left it gives you *some* of our guidelines, havewnt had a proper look through but its lots of information

Neonatal Intensive Care - Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

HTH!! Debs x