Any Treasure Coast area nurses here?

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I'm curious to know the pay range for nurses in this area. thanks.


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Tony, are you speaking of our local hospital? I don't know but I have a few friends that work there, I can find out, but it does differ with specialty and experience. Nurses I knew back when we were making $4.20 an hour at the hospital are now making $30 something. They stayed, I didn't. Are you here in our area now or just thinking about coming? I'm from NYC originally, but got my nursing degree and license here. Corrections is my specialty....


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per diem rates range from 28-38 /hr depending on agency or hospital. The agency I work for has a flat rate. The hospital pool is 28 but you get differentials for nights, weekends, eves.


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I'm curious to know the pay range for nurses in this area. thanks.

Baycare paid me (up until last month when I left to travel) $23.25/hr in a specialty unit and I have almost seven years experience. My friend with 5 years experience makes almost $21/hr. The pay sucks around here and varies from $21-$24.50/hr trust me I know that is why I went back traveling. Don't forget you have to wait 3 months for benefits to kick in.


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Hi, I am a UK nurse and emigrating to the Treasure Coast in the next 3-4 weeks. I have been offered $23.50 an hour basic and at the time I had 14 years experience. I now have 16 years and hoping that the rate of pay has increased from when it was offered to me.


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I'm curious to know the pay range for nurses in this area. thanks.

Where what is the Treasure Coast please????

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Where what is the Treasure Coast please????

It is the general area along the Florida East Coast, from around Melbourne down to Jupiter. Kind of a bit below St. Augustine (Jacksonville/Gainesville area) to a bit above Palm Beach/Ft.Lauderdale/Miami area.

Or thereabouts.

I believe that it gets it's name from wrecks/associated historic kinds found around Vero Beach/Jensen Beach/Port St. Lucie. A cousin of mine, a Spanish historian/translator, help correct a mistaken translation that assisted that was important in finding the Atocha - historic Spanish vessel that was sunk near the Keys.

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