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Any tips...

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Any helpful tips for new nursing students..I've been out of school for a year..giving it one last shot...am determined to finish! Nursing school is no joke, starting a two year fast track program in Jan:)

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Devon Rex has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN and works as a Registered Nurse.

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Fast track programs are tough! SO... fasten your seatbelt. Find a small group of students to study with. Make the group no more than 4 (including you)... more people will turn it into a party (believe me... been there!)

Stay focused, keep away from drama, do what is asked from you, go with the flow, and study ALL the time. Your social life will suffer while in school, but that is temporary... your degree and license will be forever!

If you have kids, you will need a support system to help keep you sane. If you're married, ensure your spouse is very supportive. I've seen 4 marriages dissolve over the wife becoming a professional when they were not... they could not handle it.

Do keep communications open with your professors. Do not cheat and do not try to pull wool over their eyes... they know when students do that. Besides, you always want them to be nice to you when assigning your practicum hours at the end of the program.

Good luck! It's a grueling but awesome journey! The payoff is absolutely wonderful!

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