Any tips for someone attending the University of Miami?


Anyone have any tipsfor me? I will be attending the University of Miami's program this Fall. I would really love to know how far is too far to live away from school (I am moving across the country), cause I have no idea how the traffic situation and stuff is there. Any tips about the school or the Miami area would be much appreciated!!! :bowingpur


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I live in Ft. Lauderdale, so I know alot about UM and the area. First off, do you by chance speak spanish, because that could make a difference in the area in which you choose to live. There are some areas that the signs are in spanish and if you don't know Miami, you could get lost and if you don't speak spanish, you better have a GPS. Have alot of friends that go to UM, the area around the campus is very expensive to live. So, I am not sure how much you planned for living expenses, but your rent I am sure will be no less then 1300/month for a 1 bdr. Traffic is bad in Miami, let me know where the clinicals are and I could tell you more about that. I think alot are at Jackson and UM's new hospital they just bought. I know alot of residents that go to school at UM and live down there, I could ask them. But, I am serious when I ask if you speak spanish, if not it's ok, it just may make a difference in the area you choose to live. If you don't speak it when you get to Miami, you will by the time you leave. :wink2:


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Well I took 2 years of Spanish when I was in college, but that seems like a while now. I haven't really been able to use what I learned down here, so I am not to sure how much I have retained (the whole use it or lose it phenomenon). I think I could probably understand if I had to, but speaking would be a different story. A GPS is a good idea, I was kind of looking in to that. I don't want to end up in a different state looking for my clinical site :bugeyes:. I really can't get lost where I am from, surrounded by ocean so you can only go so far. But I was curious, how far is to far away from the school. I can stand a little bit of traffic, but I really want to try and avoid hours on the road to and from school. Once again, any help would be appreciated. Thank ya kindley!!!:bow: As always, I'm not worthy!! hehe


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i'm also going to UM (but in the summer). i think the above post is a little overexaggerated. I am renting a 1bdr for 600$ which is cheap but not unheard of. Just depends how you live. Personally I don't like living in ritzy areas so it's not a problem. If you know a little spanish, you'll be fine. I mean you can speak english if you need to, it's not like people will just hate on you.

Traffic is bad. You can live near coral gables, and there's lots of cheap shared room student housing there. The only catch is that clinicals are all over the city, so you probably need a car. Personally once I settle somewhere I want to set up on the metrorail line and bike it. But that's down the road.


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i am looking into attending UMiami starting this fall & have been in contact w/ a few students r/t the living situation down there. what i've heard: Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Ft. Lauderdale (maybe southern part) and Miami Beach (north or south) are good places to live & I would avoid Kendal, Hialeah, and South Miami. I'm heading down next week to check out the renting scene and will let you know what I find. On a side note, I speak no english but hope I can get by learning how to say "take a deep breath in" & "you'll start to feel sleepy" in spanish. hopefully, that's all there is to it...


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Congrats on being accepted to U of M!!! I will be interviewing for their program and was wondering if you have any tips for me to help prepare for the interview.


Hi. I will be starting UM's traditional BSN program this fall. Any tips? :)


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Take out as few loans as possible, study super super hard, and take charge of your education. Nursing school is much more of a free for all than it could be, and it's best if you are 10x more organized than the school. Expect confusion and disorganization, so that when it happens you're ahead not behind. Sounds like slogans, but it will make sense unfortunately soon

Thanks! I am very ecxited about starting nursing school and also a little nervous :) Every tip helps :)


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I just want to clarify certain things about the city of Miami. Miami is a city in the USA, in Florida actually. And just like any other city in the USA all the Traffic Signals and Signs are in ENGLISH. LOL


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I lived in Miami for years and did not need Spanish, though I would think it would be especially helpful for a nurse to have Spanish. You can go a bit west of Coral Gables on Bird Road - when my husband was at UM we lived near the intersection of Bird and Ludlum - and have a reasonable commute (which in Miami is still a pain, the traffic is abominable) while paying lower housing costs for a rented condo with community pools, etc. I also didn't drive when I first moved to Miami and biked or took the bus/metro; even once I drove we were able to be a one-car family. I'd still say you need a car for clinicals and to get out to places like Key Biscayne and the national parks- must recharge whenever possible! And when I say the traffic is abominable, I mean really an abomination, an outrage, a simulacrum of hell. :) So be careful where you live. Avoid Kendall- parts of Kendall were quite lovely when I lived there but ten miles could take an hour to drive, and that's *no* exaggeration. Good luck, and do take advantage of what little downtime you have- South Florida can be a lot of fun.

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