Any tips for Peds clinical?

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Hey guys! Does anyone have any tips for peds clinicals? I have my rotation this weekend. We're kinda going into it blind, we usually have a pre-clinical where we get all of our patient info the day before such as dx, meds, treatments, etc, but they are starting to ween us from the prep time to simulate a real work situation. If anyone has any ideas about how to do assessments that would be great! I have no experience with kids in a nursing setting. TIA!


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HI KIM! The only tips that I can give is to memorize the different values for BP, pulse and medication administration. (BSA used here) Always check the MAR for the emergency med list (before report if possible) Expect the child to cry (A lot!) and if you can stand that you will do just fine. I guess that it is RSV time again....I had little kids in O2 tents and they always get wet and cold. Check them frequently and know that you will more than likely be dealing with a tired, worried parent and that is the biggest challenge of all. Most important thing, Relax and enjoy.

Good luck to you!


Assessments are similar to the adult, but it helps to organize your time and duties so that you do them all at once. It cuts down on the amount of time spent with the child and reduces their anxiety.

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