Any thoughts on the Concorde Career College?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Hi! I'm taking my Pre-requisites at MDC in, but I was thinking in going to the Keiser University cause it's faster and easier to get into the program. However, I just found out that the Concorde Career College also have the AS in nursing program, but I've never heard of this school before. At least not for nursing (RN) So I was wondering if you guys have any info on how much is the program, how long does it take to finish, if they are accredited, the passing score rate? Anything? The closer campus to my home is in Miramar, FL. I would really appreciate the info.

Thanks for your answers Yisel

Do not go to this school, "for profit" schools like this are out to rip people off period. There was a great documentary on these types of schools on Frontline on PBS. Only go to CC nursing programs or state university programs. It's worth the effort and wait.

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