Any Tarrant County College Fall 2009 applicants out there?


I made it into nursing school! :anpom:The letter smiled at me from my mailbox this morning, and I was shocked to get the news so soon. Yippee! If there are any Tarrant County College, Fall 2009 nursing students out there, I would really like to see if you have the same questions I do about this adventure in our future. Happy Easter, everyone!


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unfortunately i got the opposite letter :sniff: AGAIN

any advice you can give about your standing before application? i have completed all pre-req and general classes, A's & B's (A in A&P1 B in A&P2 and Micro)

My TEAS scores were low though..Adjusted Indiv Score 74.7%, Mean Nat'l 74.4%, Mean-Program 75.4%, Reading-85% Math-84.4%, Science-56.7% :banghead: , English 69.1%

Thanks if you have any info at all :bowingpur...i'm pretty bummed and wondering what's really needed to get into this program!


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Thanks for the help


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I made it in at TCC as well. I am so excited! I was on the alternate list and got the call Tuesday evening and officially signed my papers yesterday morning. I think that I have read the information about 10 times.

I am ready for the orientation on the 1st.


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Hi you guys! I just finished my first semester at TCC, are there any questions I can help you with? I remember being so stressed out before class started and having a million questions with no one to really answer them, so I would be more than happy to if you have any! To the person who didn't get in, it is probably due to the B's in your sciences and your TEAS grade. I would recommend retaking those classes during the summer for an A. Summer classes are hard, but easier at the same time because you don't have the time to forget the info. Good luck!

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