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Any study tips for ATI Fundamentals?

I feel like a complete failure...we took the proctored ATI fundamentals exam last week and I scored below a level 1, so embarrassing. I sat through and read through that whole entire book and afterwards reviewed the chapters that I struggled with, took both versions of the practice tests, and completed focused reviews for those. I really don't see where I went wrong....I feel as if I'm wasting my time idk maybe nursing school isn't for me??? I'm doing okay in my HCC2 class, 83 on the 1st exam & 80 on the 2nd if that really matters. Anyway, retakes are the week after Thanksgiving break and during that break i plan on doing the focused review of the content I missed and also look through Saunders test taking strategies so hopefully that'll make a difference. Also, isn't the 2nd version of ATI fundamentals exam completely different from the 1st?

Right now I just have faith of a mustard seed that I can make a level 2 on the retake...I believe it's possible, I just have to be on my grind during Thanksgiving break!!

WanderingWilder specializes in Med-Surg.

I take the ati fundamentals next week, I'm worried because I've done the practice tests and haven't gotten higher then the 70s and there seems to be so much that we haven't done in class. They said the scoring for the proctored exam is different then the practice tests too. I'm barely holding on to an A- in the class and we have three tests left in the next three weeks.


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