Any students?


Are there any Idaho nursong stundents on subcribed to this board? If so what program are you all in and what school?

I just got accepted into CWI's LPN and start in a week.


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I tried adding you as a friend, just because I can't seem to figure out how to message...I just signed up today. Anyways, I had a few questions for you as I am applying to the LPN program in August,

did you have all pre-reqs completed at the time of your application?

When did you find out you were accepted?

How is the program so far?



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Hey! :)

I'm so glad to see other new nursing students in Idaho on this site.

I was just accepted into the RN program at NIC and am starting in the fall. We had our orientation on Friday so I'm getting my ducks in a row with insurance, books, immunizations, background check, etc.

NIC uses the Elsevier books and you can choose the normal print book or the e-book option that has both print and electronic book so after researching on this site I decided to go with electronic books and bought a laptop yesterday. Have you guys heard much about Elsevier or the Evolve website they sponsor?

From what I've seen, as long as you have all of your pre-reqs finished (or at least are finishing them when you apply), and you don't totally bomb your interview, you should get into the program you apply for. There are a lot of people who apply before finishing their pre-reqs and it seems to me that they are the ones that don't get in - for the most part, anyway.

Congratulations rped on your acceptance! :)


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Hi kyleigh,

Sorry I'm a little late responding last week was a hectic finals week. Anyway to answer your questions:

Yes i had all pre-reqs done before getting in, but i know that not everyone did one person enrolled in medical terminology after he was accepted.

I was accepted about a month after the application deadline, but they did not have enough aps to fill the program at first because many people try holding out for the RN program, after extending ap deadline they got about 100 apps I hear (it was also kinda hinden on their site and hard to find, another reason for the extension)

The program started off extremely hard, this is the new programs first go (they shortened it from 4 semesters to 3) They have also had to undergo staffing changes, there was a problem with the head of the nursing program and she was let go of midsemester (Best part of CWI is that they take student complaints very seriously and act on them swiftly if found valid). The new nursing head according to one of my favorite profs is awesome.

I would highly recommend the LPN program even though we lost a great prof due to budget cuts, all other profs remaining are great as well. In addition they are accelerating and expanding there plans for an lpn to asrn bridge with the first bridge rumored to be 30 students. Bridging cuts 1 year off the 2 year rn program.

Any other questions let me know.


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I am working on the Prereq's at CWI right now. I just stumbled across a post that got me a bit concerned about the Nursing programs at CWI. For some reason I was under the impression that CWI was accredited but it's not. :( I feel like I have been taking all these classes for nothing because when I look up available positions at the local hospitals they specify being a grad. from an accredited school.