Any Stroke Coordinators out there?

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Wondered if there was anyone around who's working or has worked as a stroke coordinator?

Yes, I held that position recently - until hospital closed.


Sorry to hear that your hospital closed.

Can I ask what your main duties were, and how big the hospital was?

Was it a certified stroke center and approx' how many stroke admissions per year did you get?

What experience did you have before getting the post and what did you find the most challenging part of the job?

Sorry so many questions:)

I would round daily with Neuro to check on any new patients and make sure they were following the pathway. We were certified so my main responsiblity was doing the required reporting. I was also a case manager on the floor so I drove the d/c planning. I really did not find anything too difficult about it. Frustration with nurses not doing what they were supposed to do was probably the hardest thing. (isn't it always?) It was a very small hospital but we had about 400 admissions a year that qualified for reporting, actual CVAs were much less.

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