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Any South University Tampa Oct 2014 hopefuls out there?


Looking to find some other applicants for the Fall 2014 South Univ Tampa BSN program. Is this your first time applying? If not, did you make alternate last time? This will be me second time applying and I made alternate for the April class. Fingers and toes crossed that I am accepted into the fall program :)

I was thinking about applying to South University but the price and having to take an English 3 class really deters me. If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA and TEAS score that got you placed on the alternate list?

When I applied in April, I had a mediocre overall and science GPA. I also was still in the middle of finishing a quarter of 4 classes. So my not so great overall was 3.26 and my science was 3.05. This was because of my transfer credits at HCC. I was really burnt out of school and wasn't doing well. Since at South, I have taken the additional classes needed for the Bachelors track and have retaken one of my sciences to boost my GPA. So I am hoping they will give me chance due to my improvement. As far as the TEAS, they do not have a particular score they are looking for, it is only that you are "proficient". I would have to retake it if I were to apply to another University as I only scored a 70 (my own fault for not waiting until after I took chemistry). So yes the school is expensive, but the money is worth it to me since they are giving me a chance unlike other schools in which my GPA is not competitive enough Also, I will come out with a Bachelors degree and can move on to my Master's more quickly.

That is good that everything is working out for you, school at times does get monotonous. Did you take that Eng 3 class, if so how was it and what did you actually have to do? Did you take it online or in class?

I did take the eng III, and was not happy about it at first, but I did it in 10 weeks on campus. It was actually a super fun class, easy, and the professor was awesome. Basically the class is about argumentative writing.

Thank you for the insight, I am at a crossroad and do not know what to do. On one hand my GPA is very competitive for USF but I would have to wait until summer 2015 to start assuming I get accepted, then on the other hand I could apply to South University where they would more than likely accept me but have to pay more per class and take the ENG 3 class, but with them I get to start sooner, which results in me finishing sooner. This is not an easy choice.

You are right! It is a very tough decision, and it's all individualistic. I wish you the best of luck and am sure what ever you choose will be whats best for you.


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I looked at South University Tampa for my MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner. After looking at the program and the cost, I decided to apply to the University of Tampa instead. I got accepted. So I'll be going to a school that is very well respected, arranges the clinicals for you, has a 100% first time pass rate for boards, and is a lot cheaper than South Universtiy. Also, I want to get my DNP someday, and if I went to South University, there are schools around the country that may not accept my Masters from South Universtiy. Some schools are picky and don't like "For-Profit" schools. But by getting my MSN at University of Tampa, their degree is accepted at every single school in the country, so I won't have anything to worry about. Anyway, look at all the schools, costs, program, etc, and make the best decision for you. There are lots of schools out there, so take your time looking at all of them. South University may be the best for you, or it may not. By looking and comparing the different schools and talking to people, you will get a better feel. Also, you may want to research South University and their parent company, Education Management Corporation. They do seem to have a lot of lawsuits against them. They seem to have had some shady practices. But do your research, visit campuses, and after a while, you will see what school may be the best fit for you. Good luck!

South University has the same level accreditation that USF and UT has. All three schools have the highest level for our area. So there should be no reason as to why the degrees/credits do not transfer out. I am personally just going into their BSN program and will decide later which school is appropriate for me for my graduate degree. A lot of schools have lawsuits against them, disgruntled students are a part of the game. This information comes from personal contacts I have with people who work at different schools in our area. Not picking an argument with Pilot2RN, but just giving my view and what extra info I have come across. Not everyone can get accepted into UT, USF, and HCC, choosing YOUR school is up to you. I chose mine and am so far happy with it.


Specializes in ICU and Hospice. Has 7 years experience.

appystep, SU does have the same accreditation. That doesn't mean every school will accpet their degree. There are schools out there that do not accept every accredited school's program. That is just a fact we have to live with. With UT's degree, I can apply to every single school in this country, without exception. I cannot say the same if I went to SU for my MSN. Also, though it is true that many schools have lawsuits brought upon by disgruntled students, these lawsuits rarely go to court. They are dismissed as being frivolent lawsuits. However, here, I'm talking about lawsuits brought upon by the U.S. Department of Justice. In separate lawsuits, South University employees have brough suit against their own company under Federal Whistle Blower guidelines for misleading students. These are not frivolous lawsuits by 1 or 2 disgruntled students, although there are a fair number of those as well. The parent company of South University is unscrupulous, in my opinion. Their stock prices have plumetted over the past few years, and is now regarded as a "turd stock". This does not reflect the for-profit schools as whole, as many other for profit schools have seen increasing stock prices. There are just too many red flags that turned me away from South University. Now don't get me wrong......I want you to read back on my original post. I stated, "do your research, visit campuses, and after a while, you may see what school is the best fit for you." I still stand by my statement. Just because I chose another school doesn't mean everyone else should follow my lead. One size school does NOT fit all! That is why there are a number of schools out there. Each person should make up their own mind on where they want to go. I said that before, and I will say it again....each person should make up their own mind on where they want to go. Every school has it's good points and bad points. I think it's wise that each person look at the totality of each school and program, and decide what is the best fit for him/her. For you and eveyone else who chose South University, I congratulate you on finding a school that fits your needs. Though it wasn't the school I chose does not mean others shouldn't chose it. I'm just saying that each person has a right to research and make the best choice for them!

Well today I registered at South University, paid my tuition and scheduled to start ENG III this coming Monday for 5 1/2 weeks and when that is done, I am scheduled to take Pathophysiology. I am nervous about the small environment, for that is new to me. Nonetheless I am excited to start class and not having to put all my eggs into one basket in order to obtain my BSN.

That's great! I wish you luck and I hope this is the right fit for you. Who are scheduled to take ENG III and patho with? To me those classes were a breeze. I enjoyed the small environment as it seemed to make it more personable.

I have no idea who I have for Patho, however for Eng III I have Alan Green. Is this who you had, if so how was he? I went on Rate My Professor but could not find anything.

Yes I had Doc Green, he is a really fun professor. He keeps each class intriguing. No boring lectures and power points. He seems to grade fairly and everything is explained and in the syllabus.

I was accepted into the Program!

Congratulations on your acceptance into the program, when does it start?

Thank you! Orientation is October 2, and class starts the following Monday :)

I'm starting here in Oct but have to take a few prereqs. Applying for the BSN program in April. How do you like the gen ed classes so far?