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Any Sentara 2011 program hopefuls?


I'm applying in Dec for the Aug 2011 program and was wondering if anyone else was in applying / already accepted? :)

I go to VCU for nursing, but my mom is partly in charge of the nursing school there. I've heard great things about the program down there! Good luck.

I am taking the online classes right now, and will be in the CNA class in January. I am so scared that I will not be accepted.

I'm in the class that just started in August! I can't believe the first semester is almost over. Trust me, as long as you do well in the 6 online classes and pass your CNA test, you should get in. They want to accept people. They want everyone who gets into succeed. They are all really friendly and easy to talk to.

Meg, thank you so much for easing my mind. I hope you are right!

How hard are the online classes? Do you guys have any tips on how to get through them aside from the obvious (study insanely :) )?


I have taken a few and have not found them to be any harder than most college courses. I feel that if we want to succeed, then we will. Hope that helps. Basically, a little effort goes a long way. You will do as well as you choose to. =)

I just went last week and registered for the online classes starting in January. I'm taking the CNA at TCC in Jan too. I'm nervous! I've got to ace these online classes and the TEAS to get in-sounds like it might be more competitive this year?! Plus, I'm nervous about online classes in general - I need face-to-face! Crossing my fingers I'll get in to the Aug 2011 program...I dont have a back-up plan!!

Cary, I am right there with you. I will be starting my CNA in January, taking a class at TCC, and taking the online courses in the Spring. I am with you, I am planning to get into the BSN program because I do not have a back up plan. Best of luck to you.