Any Reservists working too much?


I am an Army Reservist working in an ER on the civilian side. My hospital requires me to work two weekends a month. Add that to drill weekend and it comes out to three weekends a month at work. I am sure I am not the only one who has to deal with this. Any suggestions from those who have "been there done that" to get a better situation. I have tried to think of what nursing fields I could switch to. I like the challenge of the ER and have been there a little less than a year, so I feel leaving would be quitting, but I need to reclaim my sanity. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


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I know, I've been thinking about that being a problem too when I go reserves.

As I see it you have a few options. If you don't need to full time status, then you can try Agency or Pool and work when you want. Or if you need the full time benefits you can go to a specialty area like Cath Lab or Endo - with your ED experience they'll snatch you up in a heart beat, and you'll learn a whole new world of medicine/nursing at the same time.......... These areas are typically Mon-Fri (with occassional weekend call). Or if you like teaching, and by your Reserve status I'm guessing you have atleast a BSN, you can try the Education Dept at your hospital or the local college...... Again, Mon-Fri work week.

Anyone else have an idea?


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Some civilian units only require "every 3rd weekend"....then you would have only 2 weekends a month....but you would have find them...which could be a task.

Obviously reserve duty is a second could be active duty and eliminate the civilian component......



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I used to have the same problem. Started RSTing with my unit if one of my 2 weekends came on same date as drill. Then started to let work know I needed off, its the law, got off and worked one weekend at job and the other at drill. You might want to switch to APMC (NAAD) reserves with Army and you can drill at your leisure. Take off 2 weeks and do all your drills then, etc. Its only for medical professionals and they are much more flexible than TPU is.

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