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Any rehab case managers?

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I did a search but couldn't find any posts about case management in an acute rehab setting. I am interviewing for a position next week and wanted to ask some questions. It is at a large rehab affiliated w/a major academic medical center. 

There are 2 positions open, one on a traumatic brain injury/stroke unit, and another that is split between 2 units- spinal cord injuries & general rehab (ortho, trauma, amputees, burns). The caseload in both is 10 patients and is discharge planning, "care coordination" and a small amount of UR. There is a small admin dept (2 admins for 11 CMs) that helps w/ faxing clinical and some referral stuff. 

To me this sounds really good since I have been reading about acute CM positions where people have 15-20 patients doing both significant UR and d/c planning w/o any admin help. I am not sure how much care there is to coordinate while the patient is in the rehab, and since the length of stay is longer I assume there is more time to put together a d/c plan (although I imagine a lot of them are more involved/require more homecare services than a lot of acute hospital stays due to the nature of major trauma/injuries requiring an inpatient rehab stay).


Anyways, just looking for input. My background is in outpatient community and primary care CM. I am thinking about moving into UR and/or coding/auditing eventually; it seems most of the positions I see are inpatient or would like inpatient experience. I am sure they would prefer inpatient acute care, but I figured acute rehab would good experience as well and a place to start.


Thanks in advance! 

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