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I was admitted early decision to Regis College's MSN program. Is anybody out there currently in the program and could they provide some incite? I didn't know much about the program when I applied- I saw it on the NursingCAS and added it, not knowing my chances. I was admitted and then looked at the price of the school- 8 semesters x price tag seems like more than other schools.

I want to know more about the ability to find a preceptor and whether Regis College graduates are more likely to get a job in the area compared with other graduate students from other programs etc.

If anyone was admitted for Fall 2016 or is currently in the program or finished with the program and wouldn't mind sharing, that would be great!



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I am currently in the Regis NP program. Regarding finding preceptors, Regis states that it is a "collaborative process" between the student and the school. They do have a full time placement coordinator that is supposed to help, but definitely plan to search extensively for your own preceptors. As far as other programs go, honestly there most definitely are better programs in the area without a doubt. , MGHIHP, and BC all come to mind. If you are looking for a cheaper price tag, I would suggest a state school like UMass Boston. Best of luck on your journey towards becoming an NP and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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