Any PMHNP Fellowships?



Is there anybody attending a PMHNP fellowship for new graduates? How is your experience? Please share any info.

I would love to attend one after finishing my program. 

I am looking to attend a fellowship anywhere in FL or NY.


thank you so much! 



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I was hoping to find a fellowship at NYU but no luck--only have new grad RN residencies and fellowships for Psych MDs not NPs.. I am looking anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn.. and in FL: I am only interested on BayCare... If anyone knows please post on here 😉



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Hey All!

I completed a PMHNP Community Psychiatry Fellowship which is located in NYC, back in 2018 and still work for the same organization. I have recently starting working in managing the program as well, and we are still accepting applicants for an October start. I will include a link and some slides for anyone that is interested.

Community Psychiatry NP Fellowship Program.pdf