Any people live in SC or NC

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Just curious if anyone has worked with the healthcare recruiter in North Carolina/South Carolina? What was your experience like? Who did your Chief Nurse interview? Was the Chief Nurse intimidating?

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I live in South Carolina.

I'm working on my application, hopefully I can make oct/nov board.

My experience of recruiter is good so far.

I just had to drove to Raleigh once for all my questions.

Which part of SC do you live mommy?

I live in Greenville county. I have been speaking with the recruiter over the phone and through emails. My experience has been good also. She responds to my email quickly. I plan to meet with her in Charlotte, NC in two weeks. I would love to make it to oct/nov boards also. When did she tell you applications are due? What part do you live in madamrose?

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I live in Greenville County too.


what are the chances..... i sent you a private message.

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I read your message and replied yesterday.

However, Staff stated messasage did not go through since I was unable to use private message yet.(I have to have at least 15 posts)

I guess I have to try later

U can just answer on blog if you like. I am very curious about the app date and boards. I keep hearing things from other peoples posts that makes me think it will be forever to get in AF.... :(

As someone who worked with the Raleigh recruiting office, I'm glad to see that they appear to be more active and proactive in their position. It was not that way for me nor for many others I've spoken with. Glad to hear there have been some changes.

carolinapooh, I am calling the raleigh office tomorrow. (left a message last friday but they were on hoiday hours). I am prior service as well (Loasmaster, 10 years) and graduate w/ my BSN this December (already have my RN and passed the boards.) I have heard to keep on teh REcruiters, but I want to make sure I don't scare them either. Plus and still job searching. Any "just getting started" advise, or an area you have already posted this to someone else? I have been getting so discourage about the november 10 boards. Sounds like ALOT of peoiple did not get picked. THank you so much!

I am in Columbia and am calling this week. (well, left a message, but I think they were out for the holidays). I am so glad to hear the good feedback so far. My heart sank reading other posts about poor recruiter feedback and all the denied applicants. But Lets year it for 2011! FY 2011 for you and FY 2012 for me.

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Just curious, what branch are you working with? I know the Navy recruiters that were in Raleigh just a year ago were supposed to have been some of the best. I am stationed at Camp Lejeune and they had a few potential Nurse Corps Officers follow us for a day or two to get an idea of Military Nursing.

I will warn you that the application process can take a long time depending on certain circumstances such as if you need a medical waiver and background checks for security clearances - which must be processed before the let you sign your commission. It took me nearly a year from the day I went to MEPS to the day I signed my contract. I did need a few waivers and probably should have called the recruiter more often to check the status of my application more often... Oh well, in the end everything worked out :)

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