Any one remember where to find these?

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Happy Holidays! Several years ago I purchased a small, pocket-sized Critical Care Nursing tool. It had a small calculator that allowed you to enter patient weights to figure drip rates, and other dosage calculations. There were also small laminated pages of common critical care formulas such as Swan Ganz readings and such. I lost it, and would like to buy again, but can't remember the company's name! I do know I got it on-line.

If you can help, or direct me I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for your time, Tam

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I do not know for sure, but you can most likely find one or a similar one at Barnes and Noble book stores. You can also go online to . A handy tool that is similar/ sounds like what you want is a pocket tool called RN Notes.

Good Luck!!!

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You might also check out they offer a great variety of cool things like that in their online bookstore.


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There are a couple out there.

The Checkmate. Trauma/ER, ICU...

Fast Facts. Trauma to Critical Care.

I have both of these. Checkmate comes with a generic calculator. I have preferences depending on where I am working. Checkmate has great drug titration charts, while Fast Facts has good reference material on CV surgery.


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