Any one applying for HCC ADN program for spring 09?


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I was wondering if anyone is applying for Houston Community College's ADN program in spring 09? Did you take the HESI yet? If so how did you sign up? I went to the shcool web site and didn't find a link to sign up for HESI, and also, I heard that anyone passes the pharm class with a 90% or above will be assured to have a spot in the program, is that true?


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You have to pass a calculations test with a 90% or better. They give 2 chances to take the exam last I heard. they have a new director so not sure what all has changed or will change. I am taking Pharm. this summer... we will see how it goes!


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If you are thinking about applying until after you are done with pharm, you can go ahead and apply and they may take you for the fall after you pass pharm (if they have spots, they soemtimes still have openings at the end of the summer).

go in to the office and talk to someone about the next hesi.

there is a meeting you have to go to before they will talk to you, have you gone?


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HCC nursing program is like UT austin admission;HCC ppl are too bz to respond to your queries..jst keep doing what they ask of you to are really not assured anything at all, even if you fullfill all their requirements...jst hope for the best...

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