Any nurse willing to get interviewed via email or here for my nursing politics class?


Hey RN's, I can't wait to soon be a nurse like you all. I truly admire your hard work day and night. I am in an accelerated BSN and I graduate this December. I was wondering if you can help me with my politics class and answer the following 5 questions? Would love your insight!:yes:

1. Which presidential candidate are you supporting and why ?

2. Are you involved in any nursing policies and politics? If so, how and why did you become involved in politics and policy?

3. Does you agree with the ANA's presidential endorsement of Hilary Clinton and why or why not?

4.What is the highest level of the interviewee's education (BSN, MS, DNP, PhD, EdD, etc).Why does the interviewee think it is important for nurses to be involved in politics and policy and how can nurses influence policy makers, legislation, and policy process?

5. What advice would the interviewee give a new nursing graduate on how to become involved in policy and politics?

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Will not discuss my politics ever at work.

I bet you are supposed to interview a nurse in person. How do you know I am an RN? 100% sure I am an RN and not joe the truck driver? Maybe I'm Hazel, the truck driver.

Biggest lesson I can give you? The Internet does not have all the answers. There is much impersonation and fraud. Look for your answers in real life, not here.

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There are 3.3 million nurses in the US. Surely you can find a couple to interview in person. Your instructor did not mean for you to go onto an anonymous internet forum, post your homework, and have someone do it for you. He/she meant for you to go out and interview a nurse. In person. Give-and-take.