Any NSU-Shreveport Students....Spring 2011 Clinicals

U.S.A. Louisiana


Hello to all,

I applied for Spring 2011 clinicals...I take my TEAS test September there anyone out there who knows when the acceptence/rejection letters go out? I dont want to waste a semester of school. I could be working on my masters instead of a second degree.

You sure you made the deadline to apply for Spring? Seems like I remember the cutoff for both Fall & Spring being pretty close together...

Yes, I made the deadline for Spring 2011. Packets went out July 1st and I turned in my stuff July 11th. But I found my answer, I wouldnt know until the end of November as I was told by the department. Thank you for responding!

Sounds about right...they do not give you much time at all! I made it into the Fall 2009 class which started in Sept, we found out we made it at the end of August & had a whole 2 1/2 weeks to run around getting the required immunizations, scrubs, supplies, books, etc. It was like a mad scramble!

Good Luck!

Thanks for your input....I got in! :)

Can anyone recommend a safe/nice place to live for a young NSU nusring student moving to Shreveport in May to start clinicals?

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