Any NP's that work in geri psych fee for service as payment?

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I have been offered a part time NP postition providing behavioral med management to nursing home residents. The pay is based on "fee for service" and is dependent on the patients I see and the billing codes. The person I interviews with attempted to explain how it all works, the codes and the time they are allotted and said the pay averages out to $40 an hour.

I am not familiar with being paid like this, and have always only held part time NP positions that paid me a straight hourly rate.

Does anyone else work in this area and paid in this way?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

( I have spoken to the hiring person, and she did explain it all again, but it still seems unclear to me)


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Anyone familiar with being paid in this way? anyone........LOL

I have always just been paid straight hourly. just wondering how it works to be paid based on billing codes and patients I see. real life experience, I know I can ask the recruiter, but I like to ask those that have been there done that!

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