Any NP's do medical house calls or MD2U?

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Just curious to see if anyone works as an NP doing the "medical house calls" (primary care at the patients home?) I recently received a phone call from MD2U program manager to interview to potentially be taken on for one of my clinical rotations.

I was wondering what all your duties entail? How many patients you see each day? What do you find rewarding and/or frustrating about the position? Do you feel the pay is the same or more/less than a traditional clinic position?

Thanks for any input! =)


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Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker in New Orleans is well known for her work in this field. I think if you look up her story you will find several links about her practice. I don't know anything about MD2U, or the other organizations that also do medical house calls. I'm sure there is quite a variety on how they are structured, financial reimbursement, etc. I know I read about one NP, I think he was in FL, who had a driver, did all his documentation while he was being driven from appt to appt and made quite a excellent salary. I would guess the actual patient visits and treatment process would be far less variable from practice to practice though.

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Thanks for the link I will totally be checking it out! It sounds like a great option for elderly and/or housebound patients. I think it would be a very rewarding and fun career! =)

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