Any Nova Southeastern University grads or current student that can give advice ?


Hey guys, I have been thinking hard about going to Nova in Davie, Fl. I wanted get some info on there program; like was it hard, what was your GPA to get in,What was the interview like, How was the advance anatomy and physiology class ? I would really appreciate any advice, suggestion, opinions, whatever...Thanks


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I am also looking into NOVA's nursing program. I hear so many good things about it. I am also looking to find answers to some of those questions you are asking in your post. But I cannot seem to get many responses. I would like to know what the interview is like and what kind of GPAs are accepted? I just recently applied for the nursing progam at NOVA this week and I need to send a few more things in to complete their application. NOVA seems to be a great school, so my suggestion is to go ahead and apply. =)


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I graduated last year from the program so here's my advice.I don't recall all the numbers they wanted for your gpa but there are other factors that helped determine who would be in the program. You get in good with the administration. I had a friend who on paper wasn't the best candidate but she was able to shmooze her way in. You will be judged by your decision making skills, how you conduct yourself, and yout ability to work w/ others. There's also the fine art of kissing ass which will get you places. I'm personally not into myself but I know it works welll for othersl


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hey did you end up applying to Nova? I notice your post is from 2008 and was wondering if you got accepted or not and what your gpa was if you dont mind me asking? :p

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