Any new grad program in LA county area?


i graduated in Dec 2008 and haven't done anything yet for job hunting.

I went on some websites to find out new grad program but it's kinda hard to find in my area.

I live in LA county (California) and is there any helpful website or source to find out the new grad residency program?

Do u guys know which hospital is hiring new grads at this time?

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Most of them already did their hiring in December...I had done some inquiries, but I don't graduate my program up north for another two weeks so I couldn't even have applied to them because I would have had to start working prior to even finishing school.

There are always a few hospitals that hire year round, I would just start individually calling hospitals' nurse recruits. Also, sometimes a friend from school has a connection.

Good luck!


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Thank you. I just scheduled an interview in Feb at USC. Now, I just need to pass my NCLEX!!!

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