Any LVN programs in Nor-Cal that offer evening classes?


Hello all, early apologies if this question has already been asked!

I'm interested in pursuing a career in the nursing field.

I'm on a two year (ouch) waitlist at a local community college, and know that transferring to a CSU will give me similar results.

I'm interested in schools like Unitek and such, but the thing is is that I work Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm (I have lots of downtime at my job, so I know worrying about having time to study won't be an issue, and it's a decent paying job, because if it weren't I would just quit and focus on school, lol).

My question is ... are there any schools in Northern California that offer any evening [or not morning] LVN classes? I was able to find one school with classes that started at 5pm, but of course it is no longer accredited :/

Any information you guys have (school name, pricing, etc.) will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts offers evening classes (5pm -10pm) attend M-F, the cost for the LVN program is $27K which includes your books, uniforms, BP cuff, Stethescope, penlight, bandage scissors and tuition. They have campuses located in Concord, Fresno, Modesto and San Mateo. The program is 14 months in length and I really love it there. I am able to keep my job durning the day and attend at night.

Institute of Medical Education offers evening classes as well. They are located in Oakland, but the tuition is more expensive...$31K I think

NCP located in Hayward. They do not offer financial aid so everything needs to be paid out of pocket, but they also offer an evening program Cost is $29K or the more.

Going to Unitek or Carrington, you spend way more money for the same program that you can get at the other three listed above and still keep your job. All three of these programs are accrediated and accept financial aid in the form of Pell Grants, and Student loans the only school that does not have Title IV funding is NCP.