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Any Kitsap County nurses/nurse-hopefuls out there?


Hellloooo? I know I can't be the only one!

Trying to get a feel for what its like going to OC for Nursing, and also what opportunites exist in Kitsap County...Anyone have any input? :clown:


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Hi! I have been taking my prereq's at OC and transfer to Clover Park's LPN prog next year. I would be interested in input from others as well! As for OC's RN program the most common thing I have heard from students in the program is it's good and crazy-hours busy!! :heartbeat

i just graduated from the nursing program at OC this year and waiting to take the boards. There are a lot of opportunities at Harrison hospital for nursing students as nurse techs, but i believe you have to complete three quarters of the nursing program before you can apply. you can apply for the residencies at the hospital during the beginning of last quarter which is your mentorship. there is also a new hospital being built in gig harbor which will definitely open more positions up a harrison in bremerton AND Silverdale.

The program is good and yes the schedule is hectic..don't lose your enthusiasm..because at times you will feel overwhelmed ..but just remember you can do this....if i did so can you...::up:

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