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Any Kaplan FNP students?


I love being a nurse, but i find myself wanting more in my professional life. So at the prime age of 50+, i have decided to apply for FNP. I have been researching online FNP programs and find stricter regulations in the state in which i live-NC. I know the journey of becoming a FNP takes dedication, commitment, and discipline, but I would appreciate any feedback.

I have applied to Kaplan's FNP, but I am waiting for acceptance.

Kaplan's cost per credit is about $385/credit, but the associated cost per term can add up to about an extra $1000 per term.

I am reaching out for others experience(s) they have had or have with Kaplan FNP. Pros and Cons? What about accessibility of the instructors and support level? Do they help with finding preceptors? Is the course load doable with working full time?

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Hi Debbie,

I did a few simple calculations based on the numbers you quoted or were quoted to you.

It works out to around $625.00 per credit hour and this is probably the going rate for graduate NP credits these days. The thing I don't understand is how come these schools don't lower their tuition given this is an online program and they don't have the usual overhead of your typical ground school. The reason, I believe, is greed. Rather than pass the savings on to you, they pocket it for themselves. This practice is rampant through out post secondary education but particularly egregious when you are dealing with a for-profit school

like Kaplan.

There are a couple of things you should beware of with a non-profit school. One is the "arbitration agreement" they will require you sign as a condition of enrollment.

Most public and non-profit schools do not ask you to sign away your rights to sue them if you find they have deceived you or over promised what their program could provide. The second thing is pin down in no uncertain terms the preceptor situation. I can bet you dollars to donuts that they in no way helping in procuring them for you. So get them to put it in writing if they can help you in this area in a substantive way.

Many wouldbe NPs on this site take a la ti da attitude about this issue until it's to late. Then they come on allnurses asking for last minute help.

Finally, if you have other choices that are not for-profit I would seriously pursue those.

The for-profits make it too easy to get in (no professional school pre-admit interview) and that in itself is a red light. Also no real qualitative standards.

I know you are excited to go to NP school but as an atypical student you must know that you are targeted by the salespeople at the school that operate under the guise of academic advisors.

As far as the arbitration agreement is concerned, shouldn't a school stand by their reputation and quality without having you sign away your constitutional right of redress of grievances?

Do a web search on Kaplan and you may discover that their reputation precedes them (Kaplan University: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News) and not in a so hot way.

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Im not a Kaplan student but a Maryville University student in LA, CA:)

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You are correct, NC is very restrictive on approved NP programs in that state. I own a home just outside Raleigh and am selling and moving back to Kentucky to attend FNP school there. Do your research with Kaplan, as BuyerBeware said, it is for-profit.

I find it very odd that NC has many prestigious NP programs available (Duke, multiple UNC programs across the state, East Carolina, Western Carolina etc.) and the out of state approved programs are Georgetown, Vanderbilt.......... and Kaplan. So, if NC truly scrutinizes online NP programs to gain approval, you would think Kaplan has merit. I personally think it is just a big money scheme and if the online school finishes the paperwork, pays the fees, they get the go ahead to conduct their program in NC. I was accepted into my alma mater in Kentucky (Brick and mortar state school with online program) and unfortunately they are not approved in NC so I've decided to take my business back to Kentucky where I can attend the school of my choice without NC sticking their nose in my graduate school choices. Many will argue on here that these state restrictions are to protect the consumer against predatory programs, but the fact NC has Kaplan on their approved list versus other very reputable schools just tells me that kaplan jumped through NC's hoops and got their name on the list. I seriously doubt the quality of that program was ever seriously evaluated. Sorry if I've offended any Kaplan graduates.