Any IVF coordinators out there?


Hi, do any one you work at an IVF facility? What exactly do IVF coordinators do? Thanks for the insight :)

NOT a comprehensive job description. It's just the extent of what I felt like typing here.

Provide emotional care to patients and their partners.

Assist with IVF procedures teaching and scheduling of treatments, including retrievals and transfers as well as overseeing patient care in the IVF recovery area.

Knowledge of female hormones and fertility medications.

Educate patients about the IVF process and IVF procedures, as well as perform patient injection teaching and medication education.

Maintain accurate, complete and timely documentation as required for patient case management, patient care and IVF retrieval/ transfer procedures, in addition to maintaining patient confidentiality at all times.

Able to work with very anxious patients who are extremely sensitive, due to the nature of their visit to the IVF Center.

Knowledge of alternative treatments for (in)fertility, what works and what could destroy the woman's chance for concieving this cycle.

Not wearing ANY fragrance to work. Nothing in your deoderant, no smelly soaps/shampoo/lotions/hairspray. No smelly laundry detergent.