Any interest in an MBA?

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How much does is benefit nurses to receive MBAs? I've heard of a couple of good MBA programs with concentrations in Health Care Management, and was wondering if it opens more opportunities for jobs and advancement? Are there any particular programs that you have heard of that you recommend?

I personally don't have any interest in an MBA, but I think nurses with a BSN/MBA combo or BSN/MSN/MBA combo would be powerfully attractive to corporate health care. I would also think that equipping yourself with the language of business in health care would make you an asset to nursing because as nurses we've been too often blind to the reality of the bottom line.

FYI, my alma mater offers a combined MSN/MBA and may be able to talk to about the career opportunities for this degree. That would be Wichita State University, Wichita KS.

Do a search for Wichita state University and you should come upon their web site.

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