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Greeting fellow RN's:

Anyone have any info on the hospital located at Red Lake, Minn. I saw a RN job listing there and am trying to gather data. If you do have some insight, please post.

Thanks, JoeMac ER RN

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I have a lot of family there, its a great community. Basically rural north MN. What kind of info you looking for?


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Red Lake is an American Indian reservation. And yes it is in the middle of no where in northern Minnesota. If working with low-income minorities is what you're looking for, I say do it. I, however, have heard that working on a reservation is difficult and there aren't a lot of a resources or funding available, which can make working there frustrating.


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Red Lake is an independent Indian Reservation area. They have their own government, law enforcement, etc. There are several Indian Reservations in the area. Red Lake is much more of an independent area.

As for weather, the winters are long, cold and dark. My daughter lives nearby, and although the last freeze date was listed as June 1, it froze 4 nights after that. All her tomatoes are dead due to the freeze. If you enjoy gardening, the season is short. If you enjoy winter, there is an abundance of winter snow. If you enjoy daylight, and summer, those winters are long and isolating.

There is heavy snow, and the counties routinely close for a period due to the severity.

Also, because of the extreme cold temperatures during the winter, many businesses close.

You do have the opportunity to see the northern lights.

Hope this helps!!!


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Also saw this report. It does not mention the Red Lake, but it is a picture of health care in many Indian Reservations.

Broken promises: Reservations lack basic care

Health clinics don't have enough money to deal with high rates of disease

Dr. Lynelle Noisy Hawk examines a patient Oct. 14 at the Standing Rock Indian Health Service in Fort Yates, N.D. On some reservations, the oft-quoted refrain is "don't get sick after June," when the federal dollars run out.

Again, not about Red Lake, but it seems to be a timely article.

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