Any info on Nursing in Bermuda???


Hi everyone,

I am a British national who has been educated in the U.S., I am looking at the options of nursing in Bermuda. I am wondering if it is an easier process because I hold a U.K passport, but am unsure. I have done a little research and it really isn't as easy to find out how to get there, or what they require for nurses. Any info on what its like there (obviously its sunny and beautiful), or how to get started with it would be great!

Thanks!!!! :) Jae


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I would love to be a nurse in Bermuda as well. I will complete my BSN here in the US next year. Planning to get to Bermuda as soon as possible to visit family. Would love to learn about how to apply for a license, a job, a visa, etc.

:) hope this thread gets lots of responses!