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I'm currently transferring to Mott from Baker this winter and was wondering if anyone knows how long the wait list is for Mott. Last summer when I spoke with someone there is was three years. Does anyone know what it is now? Also, when can you put your name on the list? Do you have certain classes fulfilled before putting your name on or can you put it on right away? And one more question, how competitive is it to get into U of M-Flint nursing program? Any input is appreciated. The schools are closed until the new year, so I stuck with unanswered questions until then! Thanks!


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I went up to Mott 2 weeks ago. There is still the wait list of 1 1/2 - 2 years and you do have to take a class to get on the wait list. The advisor told us that we could take any class and we had to have at least a 3.0 in the class to be put on the list. We could take the class over the internet, which was good because I live 45 - 1 hour away.

What's Mott? Is it a ADN or BSN program and where is it located?


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It is located in Flint. It is a ADN program...They did tell me though that I can take classes while waiting to get in, that will go towards a BSN...


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UofM flint has a wait list, they also do not take all of Baker's classes such as English 102, you will need to retake that, I believe their are more, I just cannot remember them all. Call and talk to an advisor and they will give you all the info.


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Thanks for your replies. Thankfully, I have found out the truth about Baker before I spent too much money there and am transferring early in the game. I think the best option for me right now is to put my name on Mott's list so I can start working as soon as possible. Plus, I've heard the hospital I want to work at will pay for their employees to get their BSN's. So that is my battle plan. Thanks everyone for your replies!

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