Any INFJ nurses in nursery or postpartum?

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I'm a new grad and I started in L&D. I've been having the most terrible time in the specialty. With the OB triage pts, ER c sections, laboring pts, scheduled c-sections, having to act as a PACU nurse and be in the OR as a circulating nurse, I decided to transfer to a level 1 well baby nursery. Each shift felt like my head was going to explode and never had a chance to just sit and absorb and learn. The speciality was too fast paced and chaotic for me which gave me panic attacks and worsened my mental health. There was also very little pt education in L&D, which I really enjoyed doing as a student nurse especially with new moms. 

My questions is, how do INFJ nurses like working in nursery or even just postpartum? 

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It's been several years since I took the Myers-Briggs test, but upon a quick overview of each of the preferences, I would probably put myself as an ISFJ, which is slightly close to yours.

I wanted to answer because I could sort of relate in that I do not do well with fast-pace and chaos, and I also enjoy patient education (and taking my time with patients).

I work in postpartum currently and enjoy it. It is a lot of patient education. Might be a more reasonable pace than L&D, although some days can be really busy. The hospital I work at is one of the more popular specialty OB hospitals in the area, so we have a quick patient turnover with admissions and discharges. But I feel it is a good fit for me overall.

I hope you enjoy your time in the nursery!

I'm an INFJ and I worked as a mother/baby nurse for 7 years and loved it. I cared for antepartum, postpartum and newborn patients. I enjoyed teaching the moms how to care for themselves and their babies. I transferred to NICU and have been working in a level 3 unit for two years now and enjoy that as well. It's more challenging and stressful, but I have loved seeing the babies grow and get better as well as developing a relationship with the parents over time.  I think being an INFJ will help you to educate in a kind way and show compassion to struggling moms. You may struggle with some performance anxiety at first (especially when a room full of people are watching you give shots to their baby), but you will grow in confidence the more you do it. 

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